Rajkonna Moringa Powder

৳ 185.00

Moringa powder has been used in skin & hair care for centuries. It is enriched with vitamin A, B1, C, E and many more nutritious ingredients that help achieve flawless skin and hair. This powder is made from naturally dried fresh moringa leaves from India.

Benefits for skin:

  • Flawless complexion
  • Boosts skins natural collagen formation & improves elasticity
  • Controls premature aging, fine lines & sagging
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties help clear out acne
  • Ideal for a spotless, youthful glow

Benefits for hair:

  • Natural solution for softest & strongest hair
  • Zinc in moringa stimulates hair growth & reduces hair fall
  • Iron in moringa helps bring oxygen to improve hair follicles
  • Healthy amino acids improve hair quality
  • The omega 3s in moringa deeply nourish hair

Ingredients: Moringa is an herb which is being used for centuries for its amazing health benefits. Moringa powder is made from dried moringa leaves. It is rich in proteins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and flavonoids. All these ingredients do wonders for the skin and hair.

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